The Geek Speak Show

The episode kicks off with info on two upcoming Geek Speak events: The 2nd FlyCo Mini Indie Con and the Geek Speak Show screening of Comix: Beyond the Comic Book Pages.

Then, Annie McVey, director of Alistair1918, checks in to talk about filming the "documentary" and the crew's experience at the San Diego Comic Con premiere.

Anthony Ferraro, creator of Galactic Galaxy, drops by the show to talk about his series and sci-fi.

Have an interest in the paranormal? Listen to Henry's new paranormal podcast, Know the Unknown.

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After the Geek Speak Radio Feature on Trending Today USA, Henry covers these stories from the week:

  • Final Fantasy XV delayed until later in 2016.
  • Star Trek Beyond is struggling at the box office.
  • The Hunger novel being turned into a movie.
  • Hulu is bringing Marvel's Runaways to series.
  • Zendaya is rumored to play a very important character in Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • The Kessel Run-Down with Jedi Knight Rac.
  • You might be able to deflect laser blasts with a lightsaber at Star Wars Land.
  • Rob Thomas is developing a Lost Boys TV series for The CW.

Plus all the info on Henry's new paranormal podcast, the 2nd FlyCo Mini Indie Con, and a screening of Comix: Beyond the Comic Book Pages coming in October!

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With this week's guests having re-scheduled and no major topics to talk about, Henry brings up a story he read at the start of the week: Star Trek Beyond is struggling to make its box office expectations. Perfect timing as Henry found some audio interviews he recorded a few weeks ago at the Star Trek Beyond World Premiere at San Diego Comic Con. He plays back quick interviews with Chris Pine & Karl Urban, then a spoilery interview with director Justin Lin. Henry warps up the episode with details on the second annual FlyCo Mini Indie Con at Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff.

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This week in Geek Culture:

  • A UK fan sues Warner Bros. & DC Entertainment over lack of Joker in Suicide Squad
  • Warner Bros. moving ahead with Man of Steel sequel.
  • Why FOX cancelled Hellfire series.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair going to Sony's Tri-Star for a re-boot.
  • Ghostbusters sequel unlikely after $75 million box office loss.
  • The Kessel Run-Down with Jedi Knight Rac
  • New Rogue One trailer reaction.
  • Bryan Fuller reveals some Star Trek: Discovery news.
  • The Geek Speak Show Rewind: The PDX Broadsides call in.
  • All the info on the 2nd Annual FlyCo Mini Indie Con at Flying Colors Comics.


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After Henry kicks off the episode with info on an upcoming new podcast and the second FlyCo Mini Indie Con at Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff, he talks to the PDX Broadsides about their upcoming album, Something's Rotten. It'll be released on August 30th, but you can pre-order it now. For the Book Club, Bob Proehl checks in to talk about his new book, A Hundred Thousand Worlds. TC from Epic ComiCast joins Henry for the last few minutes to give his thoughts on Suicide Squad. Listen to TC & Karina Michelle on Epic ComiCast.

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Lots of television news this week because of the TCAs:

  • Playstation Network has cancelled Powers after two seasons.
  • HBO confirms Game of Thrones Season 8 will be the last.
  • Avengers: Infinity War gets a change to its titles.
  • The Kessel Run-Down with Jedi Knight Rac
  • Live-action Star Wars series in talks to come to ABC.
  • The Duffer Bros. want an 8-bit video game to bridge the gap between Stranger Things seasons.

The Geek Speak Show Rewind: Batman: The Killing Joke, Suicide Squad, and Jonathan E. Robinson's documentary, Who Are You People?

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The episode kicks off with some quick sound bites from Mark Hamill talking about voicing The Joker in Batman: The Killing Joke. Then, director David Ayer, Jared Leto, and Margot Robbie talk about the Suicide Squad movie. No spoilers, so don't worry if you haven't seen the movie yet. Director Jonathan E. Robinson calls in to talk to Henry about his new documentary, "Who Are You People?" It's about the experiences of the citizens and political leaders of 1976 Mobile, Alabama who became stars in Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind. You can learn more and buy the doc here.

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Henry brings on TC from Epic ComiCast and they talk about TC doing his first A-list celebrity interview with Batman himself: Kevin Conroy! Then they talk about waiting in line for the Hall H wristbands, the adventure in getting them this year, and what the payoff was once they got into the hallowed walls of Hall H.

Catch TC & Karina Michelle on Epic ComiCast, and follow them on Insta, Twitter, and every other form of social media.

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Henry & Jennymay re-cap what they saw & did at San Diego Comic Con 2016. They wrap up the episode with a quick chat with Eckhard Stier, conductor of the Final Symphony concert.

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The Geek Speak Show gets you ready for San Diego Comic Con 2016!

As always, the countdown kicks off with Comic Con International's Director of Marketing & PR, David Glanzer.

Comic Con HQ's Seth Laderman checks in to give us all the details on how Comic Con HQ will allow both con attendees and people at home to experience SDCC 2016.'s Tony B. Kim talks about his SDCC panel and about his new company, Hero Within.

Creator of the Kid Beowulf book series, Alexis Fajardo, gives details about where you can meet him and what panels you can see him at during SDCC.

Part 1 of the countdown wraps up with the hosts of The Arkham Sessions, Dr. Andrea Letamendi & Brian Ward giving a full run-down of all their SDCC panels.

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"Comic Con Girls" by The Screen Team.

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