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On the final Geek Speak Rewind for September, Henry talks to the hosts of Destination America's Paranormal Lockdown, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman. This is from the episode leading up to this year's San Diego Comic Con, where Nick & Katrina took part in Destination America's Supernatural Super Panel. Look for new interviews with Nick & Katrina as well as Haunted Collectors' John Zaffis in October.

The Geek Speak Show will return next week with all-new episodes!

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With October right around the corner, The Geek Speak Show Rewinds start to get spooky!

First, parapsychologist, television and radio host, author, and professional chocolatier Loyd Auerbach was on the 2013 Halloween episode and is up first on this week's Rewind. Loyd talks about how he got into the paranormal, why today's "ghost hunter" shows don't do it right, and being a professional chocolatier. Jedi Knight Rac and Angel Nevarez (then-producer of The Geek Speak Show) join in on this interview. To wrap up this scary Rewind, Angel Nevarez and Henry San Miguel talk to Brannon Smith, Trap Inventor for The Tennessee Wraith Chasers, on the week before Ghost Asylum premiered on Destination America. This is from a 2015 interview.

The Geek Speak Show is on a break for the rest of September. New episodes return in October.

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Comic Con HQ's EVP & General Manager, Seth Laderman and Henry talk about Comic Con's new subscription service channel days before San Diego Comic Con 2016.

The Geek Speak Show is on a short break and will return with new episodes in October 2016.

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Henry talks to EJ de la Pena, creator of the Nobility series. This is a replay from March 2016, The Geek Speak Show will return with new episodes starting in October.

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For the second Geek Speak Rewind, it's a listen back to the first meeting between Henry and the founders of Legion M, Paul Scanlan and Jeff Annison from Silicon Valley Comic Con. Then, it's the first time Wynonna Earp herself, Melanie Scrofano, called into the show to talk about the show's premiere. The Rewind episode wraps up with a fun interview with the Earp Sisters, Melanie Scrofano and Dominique Provost-Chalkley. If you're one of the very few who hasn't seen Wynonna Earp, there are spoilers in the last interview.

Henry San Miguel is taking a two-week break for the rest of September. The Geek Speak Show will return with all-new episodes starting in October 2016.

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On the last new episode for September, Henry welcomes back director Michael Valentine and they talk about The Geek Speak Show screening of Comix: Beyond The Comic Book Pages in October.

Bradley Weatherholt is a filmmaker and Star Wars fan who wondered why so much hate for the Star Wars Prequels. So he went around the country asking people about it and the result is his new documentary, The Prequels Strike Back: A Fan's Journey. He talks to Henry about the documentary and about The Prequels.

Henry will be taking the next two weeks off, so watch for Geek Speak Rewinds until he returns on October 1st.

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The Week in Geek is on break for the rest of September, but in the meantime, enjoy a replay of The Psychology of Star Trek vs Star Wars from The Geek Speak Show's 4th season (2013). In this special episode, Dr. Andrea Letamendi (@ArkhamAsylumDoc) joins Forces (See what we did there?) with Jedi Knight Rac (@JediKnightRac) to make up Team Wars, while Rod Roddenbery and Henry San Miguel make up Team Trek. The topics discussed are the influence of both franchises, how each one treats Artificial Intelligence, as well as fun topics like which character would you follow into battle and why, and which weapon would you want to own in real life. A fun & informative episode that allows us to continue the Star Trek 50 celebration this week.

The Week in Geek will return in October 2016.

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7.50 - The 5 Year Mission Turns Into 50 Years

The Geek Speak Show celebrates Star Trek's 50th Anniversary!

Gene Roddenberry's son & CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment, Rod Roddenberry calls in to talk to Henry about his dad's creation 50 years after it premiered and how it still continues to excite and inspire new generations of fans. They also talk about the direction the franchise is going in, with the Kelvin Timeline movies and Star Trek Discovery.

After Simon Pegg shares his first Star Trek memory, Rod Faulkner, founder of The 7th Matrix, joins Henry to reflect on 50 years of Star Trek and what it means to a fan that the franchise looks like it can and will go for another 100 years.

This special episode ends with details on the Geek Speak screening of Comix: Beyond The Comic Book Pages in October and what's coming to The Geek Speak Show in September.

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These stories are covered on this week's Week in Geek:

NBC's Grimm Season 6 will be the Final Season.

Netflix (finally) renews Stranger Things.

Sci-fi film ARQ coming to Netflix starring Robbie Amell.

CBS AllAccess to offer commercial-free plan.

Jon Favreau joins Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The Kessel Run-Down with Jedi Knight Rac

The Geek Speak Show Rewind: PDX Broadsides


Plus all the info on The Geek Speak Show/ Epic ComiCast screening of Comix: Beyond the Comic Book Pages in October.

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This week's episode was recorded live at Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff during the second annual FlyCo Mini Indie Con. You'll hear from cartoonist Jeff Bonivert and Gene Luen Yang.

With their new album, Something's Rotten, available now, the PDX Broadsides' Christian & Jessica return to the show to talk about the reception and what may be coming on the next album.

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