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Jul 16, 2018

The Geek Speak Show's annual San Diego Comic Con episode is here!

As always, the Countdown begins with Comic Con International's Chief Communications & Strategy Officer, David Glanzer.

This year's guests:

Jul 14, 2018

Annie Yang & Henry San Miguel go over a few Geek Culture stories from the past week.

Jul 11, 2018

Erin Olash & Henry San Miguel begin the episode with their reactions to Ant-Man & The Wasp and to Billy Dee Williams returning to Episode IX. Then they welcome director Derek Dennis Herbert to talk about his documentary, To Hell & Back: The Kane Hodder Story. It will be released, appropriately, on Friday...

Jul 8, 2018

The Week in Geek returns for a third season! Same format, new hosts. The Geek Speak Show's News Director Annie Yang and former co-host Anthony Balunsat will take a look at the big stories from the week and give you their unique reactions to them. On this season 3 premiere episode, Henry sits in for Anthony and he and...

Jul 4, 2018

Henry San Miguel & Erin Olash return from a month-long break!

As the nation celebrates our independence, Henry & Erin introduce the new changes to Geek Speak and an old show that will now have new hosts. Then they play back a (non-spoiler) interview with Paul Rudd as he talks about Marvel Studios' Ant-Man & The Wasp....