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The Geek Speak Show

A weekly Geek Culture podcast. 

New episodes every Wednesday.

Dec 29, 2021

This week is the series season finale! Instead of the annual Geek Speak Awards Show, Henry invites Matt Zunich & Jeremy Treat from the Los Angeles Ghostbusters back on the show to go over the best and worst from 2021. It's a fun and geeky look back at the year that was and maybe, just maybe, a preview of things to come...

Dec 22, 2021

This week is a special episode of The Geek Speak Show. It's a look back at the early years of the show...but not in the way you think.

Dec 1, 2021

To get you ready for the geek(s) on your Christmas gift list, Henry welcomes back Chogrin to talk about his original toy designs that make for the perfect gift. First, they get into a spoiler-filled discussion about Ghostbers: Afterlife.


Nov 24, 2021

A special episode to get you ready for San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition! First, David Glanzer talks about putting together the first in-person event in two years and the opening of the Comic-Con Museum. He also gives an outlook for WonderCon Anaheim and SDCC for 2022. Then creator & writer Mathew Klickstein talks...

Nov 17, 2021

This week's episode gets you ready for the return of the Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters:Afterlife hits theaters this weekend & the Sugarmynt Gallery in South Pasadena kicks off their Ghostbusters Yes, Have Some Art Exhibit. Illustrator, storyteller & the curator of this exhibit, Chogrin, joins Henry to talk about the...