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The Geek Speak Show

A weekly Geek Culture podcast. 

New episodes every Wednesday.

Feb 27, 2015

With the news of the passing of Leonard Nimoy, Henry does a quick episode where he reflects on what Leonard Nimoy meant to him, and shares a couple of personal stories about Leonard Nimoy.

Feb 24, 2015

For the first Geek Speak Rewind, we go back to two years ago when Henry and then-co-host Rachel Rossilli brought the Psychology of Star Trek vs Star Wars panel to The Geek Speak Show. Team Wars consisted of Dr. Andrea Letamendi (@ArkhamAsylumDoc) and Rachel, while Team Trek consisted of Rod Roddenberry (@RodRoddenberry)...

Feb 20, 2015

Henry welcomes Adam Spinks & Ben Loyd Holmes to talk about their new film, Extinction. Plus a friendly reminder to all of you hoping to attend San Diego Comic Con this year.

Feb 19, 2015

Henry & Angel re-cap this week's episodes of The Walking Dead, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, and Agent Carter. While Angel looks for a book to feature on The Book Club, Henry talks with Christy Morgan, writer and artist of The Forgpotten Order. The episode closes off with their picks for the Book Club.

Feb 13, 2015

Henry finishes off the week with conversations with Niv Ende and Frank Bailey, director and producers of The Super Alliance. Help them fund the second season of this superhero web series at The Super Alliance Saeson 2 Indiegogo. Then, to celebrate Valentine's Day the Geek Way, Henry brings on the founder of