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The Geek Speak Show

A weekly Geek Culture podcast. 

New episodes every Wednesday.

Jun 27, 2018

For the final Geek Speak REWIND for the month, Henry goes back to his favorite time of the year: Halloween! He replays an interview with paranormal investigators & owners of the Napa City Ghosts & Legends Walking Tour, Sonoma Plaza Ghost Walking Tour, and Haunted Vacaville Ghost Walk: Devin Sisk and Ellen Macfarlane....

Jun 20, 2018

After all the excitement and big announcements from E3 last week, Henry and Erin Olash discuss the very serious topic of video game addiction. They replay an interview with author, writing coach, keynote speaker, and one-time video game addict Ryan G. Van Cleave. Ryan talks about his book, Unplugged: My Journey Into the...

Jun 13, 2018

After an all-Star Trek rewind last week, The Geek Speak Show covers Star Wars for this week's rewind episode. First, director J.C. Reifenberg talks about his Star Wars/ John Hughes fan film, Hughes The Force. Then filmmaker Bradley Weatherholt calls in to talk to Henry about a documentary about the Star Wars Prequels,

Jun 6, 2018

As The Geek Speak Show takes a month-long break to move to bigger studios, past interviews are replayed for your listening enjoyment. This week, the interviews are all about Star Trek. Rod Roddenberry has been Henry's friend ever since Rod's first Geek Speak interview way back in Season 1. He has talked about so many...