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The Geek Speak Show

A weekly Geek Culture podcast. 

New episodes every Wednesday.

Nov 11, 2015

While some modifications are made to Geek Speak Control, Henry gives a few announcements concerning The Geek Speak Show's coverage of The Force Awakens. Plus, he tells you how you (yes YOU!) can join him and Angel at San Diego Comic Con in 2016. To wrap up this special, we won't call it that, we'll just say a "Flashback Episode". It concludes with a conversation with paranormal investigator Chuck Zuckowski. He talks about the Paranormal Highway, which is the country's most haunted stretch of highway due to all the paranormal activity that happens on it. He also shows how much of a geek he is towards the end of the interview. Then, Brian Stillman talks to Henry about "Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys". Those of you who played with the original Kenner action figures and playsets will definitely get nostalgic during this interview.

Henry & Angel will return with all-new Geek Speak episodes starting December 2nd as we all get ready for The Force Awakens!