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A weekly Geek Culture podcast. 

Dec 10, 2015

Henry & Angel are finally back with an all-new episode! They kick things off by announcing The Geek Speak Show's official Holiday Charity: Toys For Tots. To entice you to donate and receive a special gift as a Thank You, they welcome Stan Lee's Greatest Creation to the show, his daughter J.C. Lee. She talks about her new picture book, It's All About Love: The Stan Lee Family. It's yours if you donate at least $10 to Toys For Tots. They stay with comics and welcome back Sam Johnson along with his writing partner, Mike Gagnon. They talk to Angel & Henry about The Almighties # O Wayne Winston Variant, which features a parody of Deadpool. The Book Club is back! Just in time for the release of The Force Awakens, Joseph F. Berenato calls in to talk about the Sequart Organization's new book, A Long Time Ago: Exploring The Star Wars Cinematic Universe. Finally, Henry & Angel wrap up the episode with a quick discussion on whether we're getting too much The Force Awakens promotion or if it's just the right amount. In either case, Henry plays some clips of J.J. Abrams on The Howard Stern Show.