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Oct 27, 2017

Here it is! The year's most downloaded episode!

As always, Dr. Jeff Dwyer kicks of the Halloween episode. Jeff is a writer, researcher, and paranormal investigator and he talks about his paranormal beginnings, his books, and his various appearances on the paranormal TV shows.

Next, Henry welcomes Ellen Macfarlane and Devin Sisk from the Napa City Ghost & Walking Tour. The recent fires in Northern California made life quite difficult for residents and businesses, so all of us at The Geek Speak Show really appreciate Ellen and Devin taking time out from the recovery to be a part of the Halloween episode. They talk about their paranormal experiences (including Devin's NDE), their unique approach to paranormal investigating, the relationships they build with the spirits they've investigated, and more.

The episode wraps up with a visit from Ansley SC, aka The Spirit Chick. Although many of her investigations are filmed and uploaded to her YouTube channel, Ansley is not a "ghost hunter". She's a paranormal investigator who investigates haunted locations with the goal of speaking for those who can longer speak for themselves...mainly because they're no longer among the living.

Listen to the final Geek Speak Treats episode as it's a continuation of the Halloween episode where Henry, Annie, and former Geek Speak co-hosts share their own paranormal experiences.

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