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A weekly Geek Culture podcast. 

Sep 11, 2013

Henry talks about the second-to-last episode of Under The Dome (SPOILERS GALORE, so beware if you haven't watched the episode yet.) then, while Rachel decides on a book for the Book Club, Henry and Joel talk to The Winner Twins about their books, their secret writing method, and some of the big happenings n Geek Culture. Joe Field (@flycojoe) calls in to talk about Gene Yuang's signing at Flying Colors on September 11 and about JIm Lee's appearance on September 14th. That's followed up by a conversation with Ryan Ziegler, who's directing Standing With The Stars: The Peter Mayhew Story. Plus Jesica Nidon's Comics Commentary, Marc Dorris's Bits & Pixels and new picks for the Book Club. 

From September 11, 2013.