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A weekly Geek Culture podcast. 

Jul 6, 2015

Henry San Miguel & Angel Nevarez get ready for San Diego Comic Con 2015! In the biggest Comic Con episode to date, you'll hear from:

 - David Glanzer, CCI's Director of Marketing & Public Relations

 - Patrick Ewald & Shaked Berenson, producers of Tales of Halloween

 - Tony B. Kim, moderator/blogger,

 - Alec Peters & Rob Meyer Burnett, Star Trek Axanar

 - Dr. Andrea Letamendi & Brian Ward, The Arkham Sessions

 - Marc Scott Zicree, Space Command

Plus Henry & Angel talk about panels, the Hall H wristbands, events happening outside the convention center, and more!

The Geek Speak Show's San Diego Comic Con coverage begins on Preview Night (July 8) and continues through Sunday July 12.