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A weekly Geek Culture podcast. 

Mar 21, 2016

The Geek Speak Show gets ready for WonderCon Los Angeles 2016!! As always, Henry San Miguel & Kiyomi Mitsuda kick off the Warm-Up with Comic Con International's Director of Marketing & Public Relations, David Glanzer. David and Henry talk about their reactions to The Force Awakens, WonderCon's (temporary) move to Los Angeles, the new RFID badges that will be used at WonderCon this year, and they finish by talking about David's new title, Chief Communications and Strategy Officer for Comic Con HQ.  Then, Dr. Andrea Letamendi (@ArkhamAsylumDoc) & Brian Ward (@BWard028) check in to talk about their panels at this year's WonderCon show.'s Tony Kim calls in next to talk about his WonderCon panel and give some quick tips to first time attendees...besides our own Kiyomi, that is. After receiving a message from Starfleet Headquarters, Roddenberry Entertainment's Rod Roddenberry & Trevor Roth beam in to be a part of the Warm-Up to WonderCon episode. After re-charging the dilithium crystals, Kiyomi & Henry wrap up the Warm-Up to WonderCon with American Gothic Press' Cameron Hatheway and they also talk about the exclusives that The Geek Speak Show will be a part of, including the big DC Comics Rebirth press conference and talking to Jeph Loeb and the cast of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., plus other surprises....

See you all in LA for WonderCon 2016!!!


*** There will be no regular Wednesday or Sunday episodes  this week because of our WonderCon LA coverage. Look for a new episode on Wednesday March 30th.***