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A weekly Geek Culture podcast. 

Jun 12, 2017

For the second week of The Geek Speak Show's (almost) Summer break, we get magical!

Henry, Gabby, and Alexis introduce interview replays from Marcie Hume & Christoph Baaden. They directed a documentary called Magicicans: Life In The Impossible. Available on Netflix and other VOD platforms, the documentary covers the life of a professional magician. Several of them, actually. 

On the second interview replay, it's a visit from author Lev Grossman. Lev is the writer of The Magians book trilogy, the books on which the new hit Syfy show The Magicians is based. On this interview, Lev spoke about the final book in the trilogy and about the casting process for the show and what we can expect from the series. (This interview was recorded a few months before the Season 1 pilot aired.)

The Geek Speak Show will be back with all-new episodes on Wednesday July 5th.