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A weekly Geek Culture podcast. 

Jun 21, 2017

With temperatures rising across the country and with this marking the official start of Summer 2017, The Geek Speak Show replays a couple of interviews from last year's Halloween episode to chill you cool you down...

First, Henry, Gabby, and Alexis introduce an interview with Jim Harold, host of The Paranormal Podcast. Jim talks about how his interest in the paranormal began and how he took that interest and turned it into one of the most popular paranormal podcasts.

Then, The Winchester Mystery House's Marketing Director, Tim O'Day, calls in to talk about the WMH's spooky and bizarre history, the movie being filmed there, and what will be happening for Halloween and the upcoming holidays. As a bonus, Henry shares some of his paranormal experiences on a couple of visits to the Winchester Mystery House.

              The Geek Speak Show returns on Wednesday July 5th.