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A weekly Geek Culture podcast. 

Jun 26, 2017

For the last week of Geek Speak Rewinds, Henry, Gabby, and Alexis go back to the time when Chris Waffle checked into the show and turned it into a musical episode. His new Nerd Rock album, 20 Sided Vice, had just been released and he talked to Henry about its creation and recording. Plus a song from the album is played during the interview, as well.

The episode wraps up by going back to earlier this year when Richard Hatch lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. When he passed away, he had just completed his final film, Diminuendo. The director, Bryn Pryor, called in to the show to talk about the movie and also shared Richard's final moments of life as Bryn was present when Richard peacefully passed away. It's a touching tribute to Richard Hatch,truly a fan favorite for his work on screen, but especially the way he loved all of us fans when we met him at conventions.

The Geek Speak Show will return with all new episodes starting next Wednesday July 5th.