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A weekly Geek Culture podcast. 

Sep 20, 2017

Henry & Gabby (mainly Henry) start the episode with continue their rant on JJ Abrams and Episode IX. They also talk about something that will make you like Netflix even more, The Strain Series Finale, and the new Tomb Raider teaser. Angelique & Steven L. Fawcette join the show to talk about their sci-fi spoof film, Unbelievable!!!! Yeah, there are tons of sci-fi spoof films, but how many can say they feature 43 actors from just about every Star Trek series? This one can. After that, they're joined by Rei Kennex. Rei is a singer, an actress, a cosplayer, and a filmmaker and she shares her extraordinary story on how she went from a TV news anchor in the Ukraine to writing and directing her own sci-fi film. The episode ends with Henry giving out info on The World's Largest Ghost Hunt, a live, global event happening on Saturday September 30th.